Once a upon a time, there was a girl who had jet black hair and a smile so sweet it could melt your heart. She was loved and adored by all and her name was Iceroni.

Now, Iceroni happened to be very happy because she was surrounded by love, not only from her friends and family, but there was also one special man who assured that the smile would never leave her face.

Unfortunately for Iceroni, this man she did love so was far from her. She had very little time to spend by his side. However, that did not stop the young lovers. They talked to each other everyday and kept the flames of love's fire burning bright.

They went along this way for many days and nights until one fateful day when something threatened to keep them apart. Iceroni sat down in her room that night and attempted to use her superdaliferfur to contact young Jefferlou as she did every night.

She cranked the pump on the side and inserted the rochnor which held the secret incryptions that allowed them to contact each other. Nothing happened. Try as hard as she might, she could not get it to work. She cranked the pump until her arms were worn out. She couldn't take the rochnor out for it was now firmly stuck inside. What would she do? What could she do?

"I'll take it to the old man!," she thought. He made the superdaliferfurs for her and Jefferlou. Surely he should be able to figure out what was wrong and fix it for her. So, she packed everything up and rushed out of the house.

She ran into the night as fast as her little feet could carry her. The old man lived so far into the country side, she thought she would never get there. Finally, she reached the spot where she had seen the old man before.

There was nothing there.

She thought back to the day she saw him. She was so sad and feeling lonely because she wanted to be with Jefferlou and she missed him ever so much. She was on a stroll in the country when she looked up and saw a house she had never noticed before. In front of the house sat a little old man.

The old man told her to come over to him. He took one look at her face and knew right away what was troubling her.

"How long has he been gone, child?" he asked her.

"It seems like 20 years!" she sighed.

"Well, I have just the thing to alleviate your sadness."

Her eyes lit up with their customary happiness while he took out the superdaliferfur and described how it worked.

He gave her two and told her to send the other to Jefferlou and in no time at all they would be together again. He also told her that if anything went wrong with them, she could bring it back to him and he would be glad to fix it for no charge.

She couldn't believe how generous he was. As she was walking away, he stopped her by saying....."Now, keep in mind child, this offer only stands for a limited time. You only have a year, after that you will be on your own."

She was so happy to have the chance to speak to Jefferlou, that she did not pay his warning any attention.

Now, as she stood in front of the place where the house used to be, she tried to remember how long it had been since he gave her the magical machines. She wished she had asked him how to fix them, but she never had any big problems with it before. A little hitch here and there, but she had managed to muddle through.

How would she find the man now? She didn't know where he came from, if he had family, she didn't even know his name. He had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

She put down the superdaliferfur and began to look around for clues to the old man's whereabouts. She saw a light shining out from the woods and began to move in that direction.....

To be continued.....

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