I Was Abducted!!!!
(Along with other Ladies of the Myst)

n Wednesday September 22, 1999, I joined Ladies of the Myst. Immediately after joining, I began to hear stories about the infamous Queen Zoie. Being the curious little cat that I am, I made some innocent inquiries. My friend Rosie gave me the queen's address and I decided to investigate. I entered her premises and that is when things began to get interesting....

The Queen Zoie Chronicles

Upon entering the queen's domain, I explored and found her secret list of victims. I was shocked to find that my name was on the list. I made a hasty exit, and not more than ten minutes after I returned, I received this with the warning "You can run, but you can't hide. We are everywhere. SEE! ~Queen Zoie~"

Needless to say, panic spread through the myst quickly. Stacey made these ships for all of us to try to protect ourselves against the onslaught of
Queen Zoie. Look at these fine vessels. Surely the queen will be no match against such defenses. I think we will be okay if we just keep our shields up and our eyes open. Unfortunately, we got a message soon after that said "Nothing you do matters....NOTHING will stop us. We will win...Nothing will help you now. No ship can keep us out. We WILL have what we want. Prepare for the test." How did she know?

We decided that it was time to seek some help. Someone tried to contact Agents Mulder and Scully from the FBI. I'm not sure if you're aware, but their specialty is weird and mysterious occurences (Sometimes called the X-Files). Would you believe that the FBI claimed to have no knowledge of our friends? Is there a major conspiracy here? Does the queen have something to do with this?

The next day (Thursday),
Queen Zoie sent the ladies a message asking for a volunteer for her testing. We rebelled and tried to find a way out of this peril. Angered by our attempts to devise a plan to avoid her experiments, she had Dr. Zorack (the one conducting the tests) send this after us to strike fear into our hearts along with the message "Your pathetic attempts to escape us will not work my pretties."

We began to question whether or not we were being persued by a legitimate threat. Should we even worry about these warnings? Should we be preparing for the worst? The queen soon sent us a message with this picture, "SEE and BELIEVE!
~Queen Zoie~ " Well, as if things weren't bad enough, now it seems that the Queen has someone in our midsts.

Hours went by before I got this picture and message , "Hello MysticGirl, this is to let you know.......YOU ARE MINE...... LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Queen Zoie strikes again" How was I supposed to take this? Does this mean that they will try to turn me into one of them?

Friday was a quiet day. We didn't hear from
Queen Zoie" at all. Then, Saturday evening, I got this picture with a one word message "Tomorrow" As if the last one was not bad enough!! I wish there was something I could do about it, but I know there isn't. Just have to sit back and wait for tomorrow, I guess. :(

Sunday morning, the queen sent us this message, "Good morning. We hope that you slept well last night. You need your rest. Today we will be starting the tests. First, we would like for you to fill out this short survey. We would like to know how much you remember. Take the survey please and we will get started shortly. Thank you for being cooperative.
~Your Queen Zoie~ " Remember? What is there to remember? Nothing happened......or did it? And since when is she MY queen? I'm definitely not her loyal subject!! Well, I took the survey, it had 28 questions and I got a score of 6-10 which 'indicates more similarities in your background than the average person when compared with experiences of other abductees, but you probably have not been abducted." Oh really?!! Could have fooled me! Around noon, We were taken into the examination rooms and given this message. Why don't I believe them?

Strapped to the table. Ouch!!! What was that? You said you wouldn't hurt us. Y-yy-ooouu.....Whoa, I feel funny. Oh, what a cool swirly, thingy......good night....

They finally let us go and as we were placed back in our confinement areas, they gave me this. A certificate! The message? "Doubt no more Mortal.
~Queen Zoie~ " As if I could still hold onto to any doubts after being strapped to a table while being poked and prodded by alien beings. What a day! I'm exhausted!!!

Monday morning, we awoke to yet another message from the queen. "CONGRATULATIONS ABDUCTEES. You have passed your first series of tests. PLEASE relax and enjoy your FLIGHT! Refreshments will be served soon.
~QUEEN ZOIE~" " Where are they taking us? Will I ever see my friends and family again?

They finally got around to feeding us in the evening. No matter, who has an appetite anyway? Our ever gracious hostess brought in the food and said "Refeshments Are Served. ENJOY.
~QUEEN ZOIE~ " Ha! I wouldn't go near that food with a ten foot pole!

Luckily my good friend FourMagick smuggled in some meatballs.....Mmmmmm, yummy!

If you're like me, you may be wondering what these beings are after. Well, this was given to me as an intiation gift. Pie?!!! Well, let's start baking ladies!! Come on! We've got apple, strawberry, cherry, pumpkin, blueberry, rhubarb, sweet potatoe, chocolate cream-filled, lemon merengue, vanilla, banana cream, custard, coconut cream, and we've even got jello pudding pie. Ladies, just for throwing, we have a whipped cream pie!

We didn't hear anything for about a day and then, on Wednesday, I was given this picture. No message from
Queen Zoie. Just this picture. What is this supposed to mean? Why won't she stop playing with our heads? I don't know how much more of this I can take. It has been exactly a week since this whole thing started. What are they going to do with us? How much longer must I stay here?

Almost a week went by in complete silence, no messages, no visits. It was like they had forgotten that we were even there. Then on Tuesday October 5, 1999, I was given this jewel by
Queen Zoie with this message, "MysticGirl, You have completed the testing & will be sent home in the next hour. I do hope you will accept this token to let you know we meant no harm. Safe travel until we meet again. Queen Zoie." I don't know whether to laugh or cry...On the one hand, I will be going home. On the other hand, it's just until she feels like doing this again. Oh fickle fate!

What will happen next? Only Zoie knows. Stay tuned.........

Now that I have survived this ordeal, I guess that I am officially initiated into the myst.

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